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Ph Praia! 


It’s our first Tropic Tuesday without a new piece.  In response to the Covid-19 crisis, we are delaying the release of new bikinis.  Instead, we will be releasing fun facts until everyone can enjoy bikinis once more.  We hope that everyone stays healthy and safe at this time.  Together, we will see the sun again soon. ✨


For now, our Tropic Tuesday goal is to highlight special facts about our company, and the people we work with.  This week we are highlighting one of our favorite designers: Ph Praia.


We have a good selection of Ph Praia products, and this is why we chose to partner with them: Ph Praia was launched in the 90’s by a female designer, Ana Gomes. At that time, Ana created a space in the beachwear market for herself by selling tops and bottoms separately.  This gave customers the option to create their own bikini look, their own style.


Ph quickly became known for much more than selling separates though.  Today, Ph is the standard for many Brazilians, in: high quality, design, and shape.


Furthermore, Ana has always cared about the environment.  For this reason, all of Ph’s products are sustainable.  Every piece uses biodegradable fabric.


Ph had a big year in 2017.  In 2017, Ph was displayed in SPFW -the largest Fashion Week in Latin America; 5th largest in the world.  Today, it is common to see Latin American’s showing off their Ph Praia bikinis throughout the summer.


Miranda ao Mar is proud to partner with Ph Praia.

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