"Classic Blue" is the Perfect Color for 2020

The Pantone color of 2020 was recently released as their “Classic Blue”: "a reassuring presence instilling calm, confidence and connection" 

During a time with so much tension and anxiety, it can seem ironic that this would be the message for the year.  At Miranda, we feel that it’s so fitting and should serve as a great reminder to remain calm, be confident that we will find a way through, and to find new ways to connect with yourself & others.

Because of COVID-19, our usual habits for connecting are no longer possible.  We’re no longer leaving the house for work and for many people, that’s the most interaction they get in a day!  You forge connections with your co-workers through long days and inside jokes, and now that all seems... distant?  It feels dramatic to say it out loud, but how do we go back to normal after this? What will change permanently?  

No work, no social interactions at bars or the outdoors and if you do come across someone from the outside world, remain 6 ft away at all times.  How do we come back from the underlying anxiety and distrust with our surroundings that this virus is causing?  

Girl, it’s a #classicblue year. Journal your thoughts and instill a new perspective on our current dilemma.  Listen, there is no doubt that this year has been traumatic. Loss of jobs, loss of family members, and loss of control and/or freedom.  However, it’s never been a better time for some adaptability. Take this time to adjust any free time & pour more energy into a lifelong dream of yours.  Write a business plan, map out your 5 year plan post corona, or … not. That’s the beauty of this - there is no right or wrong answer. Our nation was literally forced to hit pause because of how fast-paced we’ve all been conducting our lives throughout the years.  Ignoring your body and it’s needs, allowing for unhealthy mental & physical cycles to form, and worse - being on auto-pilot and allowing that numbness to take over. Take a break & break free, woman! Listen to your soul and it’s needs.  

As stressful as this time may be for you, you possess the potential to make it your most creative! Let’s do this - let’s tune in with Pantone’s 2020 color of the year.  Let’s build on that confidence, let’s connect and trust again, let’s grow - together.  


The Miranda’s

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