5 differences between Brazilian and American Summer

Hii everyone!

Ingrid is here to celebrate the new month of August! Time is flying so fast and I can’t believe that Summer is almost over! Oh no!!

Even with all this pandemic&quarantine&travelbans I feel that most of us could find a way to enjoy our time with ourselves and also Summer, right? And, until we can’t travel around, I decided to bring a little bit of Brazil (besides the bikinis haha) for you and explain 5 differences between Brazil and the US when comes to… Summer!!!

So here we go:


1. The two countries are in different weather zone

Summer starts basically in May for the Americans and goes until the end of September. Definitely the best season ever after a long winter, snow, and all that that we know already!

But, in Brazil is the opposite: Summer in the US starts around November and goes until March. In this season is when we can see everyone taking vacation days for New Year, and traveling to some beaches in Rio, Bahia, etc. Even though, Brazil is a tropical country, which means that the weather is mostly like to be warm almost the whole year ~ what changes as much closer you go into South, where can even snow a little bit during the middle of winter. 

So, the perfect life would be living in both countries half-year each, and enjoying summer all year round, right?!


2. Vacation means… BEACH!

In Brazil, we LOVE going to the beach and getting tan! If you don’t live in a beach city already, such as Rio de Janeiro, you probably wait for every holiday to just fly over there and enjoy as much possible the sand. Most Brazilian people would choose a trip to a beach (even internationally) rather than anything else because to us happiness happens closer to the SUN!


3. We don’t need to carry our chairs around!

So here comes something that most of the tourists may like: the Brazilian beaches are DEFINITELY the most attractive places to visit in the country! Having this in mind, the local population also find their way into it to make money. A large amount of the beaches have chairs, tables, and umbrellas already, which means you don’t need to carry ANYTHING else with you. But, in exchange, you need to consume something from the restaurants that are making these items available, from food to beverages, ice cream and açai ~ including our following topic: alcohol!


4. Alcohol is L E G A L

Something that I see the difference when I go to an American beach (besides having no restaurant or people selling food)  is that we need to hide our alcoholic drinks, or even not being allowed to bring them while we enjoy our day tanning in the sand. So, in Brazil we don’t have anything making alcohol a tabu: you can buy it in any supermarket, little grocery, party, cruises, bar, and beaches. And you can walk around showing the bottle over, enjoying it without any restriction (in all the states and cities), so you can buy/drink/enjoy beer, wine, champagne, anywhere, as in the beaches!


5. We love our bodies 

So, last but not least, one of my favorites ones: we show our body with no problem! In Brazil, maybe because of the weather ~ of culture, we are usually dressing in shorts, dresses, etc. We love the sun and every time that we can we put our bathing suit out and go on enjoy it doesn’t matter if is on our balcony, or by our pool, parks… body is something important to us and we take care of it, going to the gym, practicing sports, and enjoying the outside almost the whole year. When comes tot he beach, we feel just the same: we want to enjoy the moment with family and friend, so we dress up with our favorite pieces and we don’t care if most of our butt is outside lol or about our cellulitis, etc ~ is not like we DON’T care about them, but it is not such a decisive topic on our way to tan. So, usually, the Brazilian bikinis are smaller than others, because we like to have as much skin as possible in the sun, feeling comfortable and celebrating this amazing moment that is S U M M E R!

So, tell me: did you know any or all of these topics about the difference between both countries during Summer? And what was the one that you most liked?

I can’t wait for the next month and more new things to share with you!

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Ingrid Miranda

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