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  • Barbara Miranda

    Top 5 Locations in LA During Quarantine:

    As we near yet another month of social distancing and COVID-19 regulations, I understand how “boring” and grueling our new normal can feel. I wanted to share some awesome outdoor areas in LA that I’ve been going to during quarantine for some well-being and general health. Here are my top 5 locations in LA during quarantine:

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  • Ingrid Miranda

    5 differences between Brazilian and American Summer

    Hii everyone! Ingrid is here to celebrate the new month of August! Time is flying so fast and I can’t believe that Summer is almost over! Oh no!! Even with all this pandemic&quarantine&travelbans I feel that most of us could find a way to enjoy our time with ourselves and also Summer, r... View Post
  • Barbara Miranda

    Lessons, Vol. II: Reasons to Take the Entrepreneurial Plunge

    L A D I E S!!  It's Babs here, talking about entrepreneurship! This isn't just an addition to my "Lessons" series, but more of a motivational (or not) post of reasons to pursue your business idea! First of all, I think it's important to ask why anyone chooses to take the risk in the first plac... View Post
  • Barbara Miranda

    Quick & Easy, Vol. I: Quarantine Cooking // Baked Tilapia

    Hello!! It's Babs here! :) Upon watching all these quarantine cooking videos and trending recipes emerging, I've honestly been in awe.  Not only have I been experiencing immense mental fatigue during the lockdown, but cooking elaborate meals has NOT been my go-to move for that sense of joy it no... View Post
  • Ingrid Miranda

    Is being healthy a challenge for you?

    Hey babies! Ingrid is here and today I would like to share my own experience with you all about my routine change. I have never been a really healthy person, a lot of sugar and fast food and my first time to the gym was in 2018. My body has changed over the years, but nothing really expressive,... View Post