Why Are We Special?

Hey everyone!
I am SO happy and pleased to be here today, writing our very first post for our community! Miranda Monthly was inspired by our desire to create an open discussion between you and us, from MM. Here, we will be talking about different subjects that are part of our universe, such as empowering women, girl boss ideas, beach lifestyle, fashion and more!
And, today, to open our beautiful MONTH OF MARCH - where Spring starts YAY - we want to talk about the most important reason why you should invest in one of our amazing beachwear pieces. We have been telling you: ‘WOW we sell  BRAZILIAN BEACHWEAR, handmade and amazing quality” but WHAT does it really mean?!
Brazil, our home country,  is one of the biggest (if not THE BIGGEST) countries that makes and wears bikinis. In Brazil, we love summer parties, and our happiness is really contagious! Brazilian people love to see their bodies kissed by the sun, and that beautiful color that we get from laying down on the sand for hours, with our friends, just listening to the breeze and sound of the waves.
The bikini was created in the 1960’s by Louis Réard, a french designer, but it took a little while to become popularized in Brazil. However, we would fall in love with it pretty soon! I mean, in Brazil we have more than 4600 miles of beach, and Summer is basically the whole year in most of our states. This means that we, very often, have the opportunity to enjoy the sun, wearing our favorite outfit! And, since the 80’s we have been the leaders in shape, design, prints… and QUALITY!
We truly know how a good bathing suit should fit, and how it should be comfortable, sexy, and nice - all at the same time. 
So, with so much sun, beaches, and reasons to wear a really nice bikini, we also care a lot about little details that make the pieces feel good on our bodies. Brazilian designers feel the need to search and search and search to get the best technology in the fabrics, and to make the bikinis feel softer, be more durable, and be more adaptable on all the different shaped and sized bodies.
And it’s not only the material we talk about when we think of Brazilian beachwear... we are also talking about how we love our bodies and accept them! Having so many chances to wear a nice bathing suit, we learn at a very early age that we should love and empower our bodies! Brazilians love going to the beach, or to the pool, and feeling the sun on their skin, without caring so much about what people think about how they look. They want to feel good about themselves and enjoy the sun with friends - to leave work and sit in the sand, watching some boys play volleyball and the sunset over the sea. We want to live free.
So, when Barbara and I started creating our company, we quickly began researching the best brands to sell. We had lots of options, of course, but creating a partnership with companies that are made BY women, FOR women, was, and will continue to be, one of our biggest values. Bárbara and I also care about being eco friendly and giving back to our community everything that we receive. Supporting the GRL PWR movement and creating our community help us to see a really good reason to keep going, to keep trying. 
Shopping with us is not like going to a department store, buying an average bathing suit that seems nice at that moment, (but God knows how long it will last) and wearing it on your first Summer weekend. Investing in Miranda ao Mar’s products is empowering women to create change in the environment of gender stereotypes; it is investing in a another culture that has so much to show and enchant you; it is being sure that the entire process (from the manufacturing to shipping) is meticulously managed to better serve the environment and you; it is knowing that your MM box is prepared specially for you, by your girlfriend that you don't know yet, but that cares about you enough for you to have the BEST experience possible when buying the perfect bathing suit!!
Brazilian Beachwear is about beauty: beauty of the pieces, beauty of our bodies, beauty of our souls. And inside Miranda ao Mar’s products, this is exactly what you are going to find: very selective pieces, which are mostly handmade, by designers that believe in quality, investing in the technology of the fabric, and are always seeking the best for our customers. We want to bring to you the feeling of self love and self acceptance, investing in a piece, that with the proper care, will last for a really long time, always making you feel your inside shine like the SUN! So, what do you say? Let’s go enjoy the summer together in our Miranda ao Mar’s pieces?!
I hope you have enjoyed reading this article as much as I enjoyed writing it for you!
And, don’t forget to leave a comment with your suggestions to us! We would LOVE to make you feel part of our beautiful community.
Ingrid Miranda

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