Lessons, Vol. II: Reasons to Take the Entrepreneurial Plunge

L A D I E S!! 

It's Babs here, talking about entrepreneurship! This isn't just an addition to my "Lessons" series, but more of a motivational (or not) post of reasons to pursue your business idea! First of all, I think it's important to ask why anyone chooses to take the risk in the first place?

Fact: starting a business can be scary and thrilling at the same time. Often times, you'll find yourself doubting your choices and feeling some "FOMO" from that stable, and comfortable career choice you currently or once had.


I chose a wave for this post because that's really what entrepreneurship feels like...

Your emotions come and go just as often as a wave does at your favorite beach, and girl - add a figurative boat carrying all the aspects of business like: finances, marketing, and perhaps even working alongside a partner, and you KNOW those waves just get wilder. It's an evergoing wave and honestly, you'll learn to just ride with it (or not - which is also success within itself, believe it or not). 

Reasons to confront those waves:

Opportunity: Ladies, that cliche "American Dream" comes to full fruition when starting your own business! What is more American than becoming a business owner? If you feel that you have the INITIATIVE and DRIVE to work the long hours that will be demanded from you, go for it. You may not be getting that overtime payout at your corporate job, but I promise you... it will pay off if you keep learning, and growing every day. There is so much opportunity for you to explore. Go for it.

Profit: Sure, Rome wasn't built in a day and I'm also not saying you'll be raking in a million dollars on your first launch - but have you realized how many self-made millionaires the US has that started where you are right now! An idea. Remember that an idea can change the world, your idea.

Independence: Remember that this is not for everyone. Remember that it's okay if this isn't for you, but the independence and accountability you get to claim back for yourself is addicting. You're free to roam, create, work, and delegate.

Personally, I have a tough time delegating my workload and it's often where I struggle. However, nothing beats having the freedom to unleash my creativity when it's something created from your heart, sweat, and tears. 

Challenge: Yes, it's hard. Despite the cute blogs and IG posts that make it seem like a walk in the park, no one said it'd be easy. Have you ever felt addicted to that feeling of thrill? That's kind of what entrepreneurship is like. You can draft the best plans in the world, but if we've learned anything from 2020, it's that you're not sure what tomorrow holds - isn't that amazing? ADAPT & RISE UP to your challenge - don't just ride that wave, make it yours. You won't be sorry (I’m sure of it).

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my new post! Have any feedback? Comment down below :)

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