How are we a sustainable business?

Hii everyone!

Ingrid is here to chat with you guys about one of our values at Miranda ao Mar. As we have always said, we really care about our environment and the ways that each person can affect it. Having this topic in mind, I want to open more with you how inside our company works to make it more than just words!

First of all, we are an online store. We buy our products from other brands and we imported each piece from Brazil to the U.S. Before starting a collection, the first thing we do is look for our partners, for the brands that we have something in common with and would love to work together. Many are our values and conditions to pick a determined company, such as: if they are made by women and care about the women empowerment cause if they are ethical, small, and, especially, if they are sustainable: how does their production works, etc.

When we started our business, many ideas came through our mind and we decided to create something that was made with love, with values and other people could identify them with us. Sustainability is a topic that both of us care about and, also, is something very important nowadays. Being sustainable means: caring about the whole production line, since the choice for the material, cut, reuse of the rest of fabric, use of water and energy, transportation, etc. All of these factors need to be considered when we talk about sustainability. 

The brands that we work directly with, during the Resort 2020 Collection, are businesses that care about their community and how they affect their surroundings. Both PhPraia and Falesia Carioca, are made by women, in small and local factories and they have a special eye with the left pieces of the fabric, consuming water and energy in the factory. Also, their seamstress women from each community, who have children and, many of the times, are the only money source for the whole family.

And how this affects you? Well, first of all, you can purchase a piece knowing that, the whole process before, were consciously and good for the environment & the social from where it comes from. Second of all, we want to guide you, while we are also understanding better the ‘sustainability’ concept, to have a responsible way of consuming. We have many pieces that whether were handmade with cruelty-free fabric and, also, reversible options ~ allowing you to have more than just one option in the same piece and, consequently, buying less. 

We, Barbara and I, are investing all our knowledge and time to give you the best when it comes to Beachwear. And for ‘the best’ we mean: products that you can feel unique, empowered, knowing that it was made by a responsible process and allowing you to consume less in other to have more different outfits. 

I hope we can grow in this path together, getting, each day, closer to create our own amazing world!

With love, 

Ingrid Miranda

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