Dear Mama,

To the very first CEOs and teachers in our lives, thank you.

You graciously operate your organization (family) with fierce compassion and strength. You're an absolute rockstar and SUPERHERO. Being CEO of a family takes a great deal of energy, efficiency, devotion, and knowledge. Thank you for your efficiency when dealing with the ever-changing energies and developments in the household. For your devotion to establish discipline and surpass the expectations of motherhood with humility and grace, and for your fierce compassion when diminishing our anxious worries or doubts with a snap of a finger, offering perspective and influxes of courage. For being a walking encyclopedia of life and for being the number one fan and supporter in your child's life. Remember that you are amazing, that your struggles have not been unnoticed, and that you're admired by millions, each and every day. Life would be a MESS without your guidance and faith. 

Happy Mother's Day. <3 

An extra little note for my very own Mama:

I will forever cherish the nights you'd pick me up and take me into the house after I'd pretend to fall asleep from a long ride home... that might be one of my favorite memories from our past together. I appreciate you so much and thank you for always picking up my calls despite me being across the country, no matter the time difference, just to answer my questions:

Where are the giblets inside of this Turkey?

How many cups of water for the rice again?

Do you think this chicken is still safe to eat?

I wouldn't be who I am today, without you. Thank you for being the root cause of my love for food, setting high standards from all your amazing meals, for giving me two amazing sisters I could never imagine life without, and for all the love, thank you. <3 

Mom, you are our nurture, our home, and our comfort. You are everything to us. Thank you for the sacrifices, the love, and most of all, the support.

We love you. <3 



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