Brazilian Recipes, Vol. III: Misto Quente

Hello there! 

I've been seeing some pretty amazing, yet complicated meals posted up during this neverending quarantine, although they're all pretty great... sometimes you're just not in the mood to whip up a 5-star gourmet meal... midday... while in your PJs? Anyway, I figured I'd offer you a simple yet delicious snack that takes literally less than 15 minutes to make. 

Today I want to share a pretty simple, yet MUST HAVE within Brazilian kitchens worldwide: Misto Quente.

Pronouncing this into English would make it: "Hot Mix" &+ yes, it's really a "Grilled Cheese with Ham," but I feel as though calling it that takes so much away from this yummy snack. It has... character and meaning. 

I digress - If you happen to find yourself feeling too lazy to head to the grocery store, but know you've got some cold cuts & bread? Miranda ao Mar is here to let you know, you've got all you need, girl! 

  • Sliced Bread (your choice - my favorite would be potato or whole grain/wheat when I'm feeling light~ but you can definitely class it up with some artisanal sourdough if you'd like & if you have a panini press instead of what I'll be suggesting today! )
  • Your preferred cold cuts brand for some juicy slices of ham.
  • CHEESEthis is important, pick your favorite cheese, Brazilians are known for cheese so the kind varies, but for a Misto, we typically use Mozzarella. (I like to use Muenster!)
  • Butter// Margarine - You'll need this to smear on both sides of your sliced bread... YUM.
  • Panini Press // OR a camp cooker... LOL... please see below:
(~$15 at Target - Yes, we do cook with these in our homes.)
  • Optional: Mayonnaise & ketchup

OKAY! Time to create this masterpiece:

  1. Grab your slices of bread, and smear butter on the insides (or mayonnaise).
  2. Place as much ham & cheese as you'd like. I personally prefer more cheese than ham so I start my layering with cheese, a ham slice, cheese, another ham slice & another slice of cheese - totally up to you. 
  3. If you're using the camp cooker, cut the edges of the bread to fit into the cooker perfectly. If you're using a Panini Press - disregard.
  4. Either way, make sure to butter the outer sides. 
  5. Slip it into your press and let it sizzle until the cheese begins to melt. Check the side for some toast and switch sides to even out the crisp on the other side. If you're using a panini maker, you won't have to switch sides, but cook it to your desired crisp. 

Enjoy with some ketchup, or don't. :) 

Let us know your thoughts below!

Camp cooker options:

 (Photo cred: Google Images; Target & Amazon)


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