Brazilian Recipes, Vol. II: BRIGADEIRO

BRIGADEIRO // Brazilian Fudge Balls

Brigadeiros are bite-size fudge balls of delight and a MUST HAVE! They can be found at special parties by the cake or at home when you're in the mood for a sweet treat. 

Traditionally, they're made from sweet condensed milk, chocolate powder, and butter.  They are hand-rolled individually and then covered in chocolate sprinkles (or not). As you get comfortable making this treat, you'll want to modify it in your own way. For example, sprinkle type, add-ins, etc. ENJOY!

prep time: 10 MINUTES
cook time: 20 MINUTES
total time: 30 MINUTES


1 (14oz) can sweet condensed milk
4 Tbsp cocoa powder (sifted), Nesquick, or Toddy chocolate powder
2 Tbsp butter, plus more for rolling the balls
A pinch of salt
Good quality chocolate sprinkles (or any other type of sprinkles you like)

In a small sauce pan mix the sweet condensed milk, the cocoa powder, the salt and the butter.
Bring the sauce pan to the stove and heat it over medium-low heat.
Cook it, mixing constantly (this is important, otherwise it will burn!) until it thickens. A way to know is to run your wooden spoon (or spatula) in the middle of the mixture. If it takes a while for the mixture to move, then your brigadeiro is ready!
Reserve, letting it cool to room temperature.

-the following is optional-

In a plate or bowl, spread your sprinkles.
Once the brigadeiro is cool, grease your hands with butter and roll the brigadeiros into little balls.

(usually half a tablespoon as measurement, but totally up to you!)
Roll the brigadeiro balls into the sprinkles and place them in paper/foil candy cups.

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